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Myotherapy-Remedial massage-Sport massage


Benefits Of Remedial Massage

-Enhance athletic performance

-Relieve stress

-Improve exercise performance

-Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness

-Lower blood pressure

-Improve soft tissue function

-Promote relaxation

-Reduce muscle tension

-Help athletes monitor muscle tone

-Help prevent injuries 

-Help chronic neck pain

-Promote relaxation

-Improve cardiovascular health

-Reduce muscle hypertonicity

-Reduce anxiety

-Increase range of motion

-Lower joint replacement pain
-Reduce swelling

-Relieve tension headaches

-Reduce breathing pattern disorders

-Helping for better sleep

-Decrease stiffness muscles and fatigue

A wide range of manual therapies may apply the following

​- Headaches and migraines 

- Depression, Anxiety 

- Frozen Shoulder

- Stiff Neck

- Lower Back

- Sciatica

- Joint Mobilisations 

- Hip/Knee pain

- Poor posture

​- Muscular tension 

- Tennis elbow 

- Plantar fasciitis 

- Work related stress 

- Fatigue

- Tendinitis 

- Sports injuries 

- Chronic pain

Clients Testimonials

Best massage in Brisbane. Great pressure and will always adjust when needed. Been coming here for a while now and have never walked out disappointed. Highly recommended!

Lily Beeley

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